Go East- Part 2, Makedonija

MAKEDONIJA V SCOTLAND, World Cup Qualifier, Skopje 10th September 2013 In continuation of part one in Srbija.(See next article below) Post Burek nibbling, the border formalities were next up as the journey continued into the mostly southerly state of what was once Yugoslavia, bound for the capital, Skopje as we were. Remarkably in the ‘90’s … Continue reading Go East- Part 2, Makedonija

Go East- Part 1, Srbija

The first of three tales and reflections on games/trips that all happened within a matter of weeks of each other in the autumn of 2013, where all three matches were World Cup Qualifiers, so move over Go West, we are heading East. Part One SRBIJA V HRVATSKA, World Cup Qualifier, Beograd, 6th September 2013 My … Continue reading Go East- Part 1, Srbija