I grandi vecchi stadi d’Italia

To celebrate Football Weekends 50th edition next month, Jim the editor asked me to nominate three of my favourite "old school" stadiums there. Having been at 40 Italian grounds I am undoubtedly qualified to make such a call, and it was quite entertaining coming up with my choices, which I guess true to form are … Continue reading I grandi vecchi stadi d’Italia


Great Grimsby

The first competitive home game of the season is always worthy of getting out the bunting, especially when the visitors are from relatively close by. This was the lure for my Italian friend Stefano from Ancona and I as it took us to Great Grimsby, or Cleethorpes if you want to get picky, as Grimsby … Continue reading Great Grimsby

Jugoslavija, Hrvatska and the modern European game

This piece will be submitted to the Aberdeen programme for use in the Europa League Third Round second leg versus Croatian visitors, HNK Rijeka. It will be spilt into two articles for their use, but bundled together here for your reading pleasure, I hope! With having twice been an opponent in recent seasons, it is maybe … Continue reading Jugoslavija, Hrvatska and the modern European game